We find the best Candidates.  

Our successful placements come from understanding CLIENTS’ tangible and intangible job needs and culture as well as a comprehensive insight into our candidates’ background, experience, technical and interpersonal skill sets. 

Time Saved

We find Quality candidates fast through our active and passive networks.

Fast Growth

We assist public and private companies by delivering quality candidates

In-depth Knowledge

We have proprietary industry data tracking and market mapping.

Pro-rated satisfaction guarantee 
We check in with Clients and Candidates.

This is one of the things we do best. WE Listen.

We speak to leaders in the industry daily and understand what industry needs.

The Secret of Success

We have mapped the marketplace and have established connections nationwide.

LINKCO saves you time by quickly reaching qualified candidates. We only send you candidates that have the experience you are looking for as well a good cultural fit.

We deliver a rapid shortlist of best of class candidates. This small number of quality candidates have the skills you need to fill your gap.

We save you time and money by having a Pro-rated satisfaction guarantee including regular check ins with our clients and candidates.

Our recruitment is tailor-made for your needs to introduce you to the candidate genuinely interested in working with you. Partnering with LINKCO ensures your job vacancy is filled quickly.

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