Coronavirus : Managing your Business Risk

 How has your business adapted to all the sudden changes? What strategies have worked for you? The LINKCO system’s broad deep network insures our clients benefit from best of class solutions. Just ask.

How is your organization monitoring COVID-19 Risk?

LINKCO and our strategic partners offer cloud based app solutions to monitor and assess the welfare of your employees and as required your vendors and clients.  Are your risk management tools ready and robust to accommodate the dynamic changes each State and County requires as the Pandemic evolves?

You have probably been inundated with news and advice regarding COVID-19. And, depending on where you live, there might already be recommendations or regulations in place to combat the spread of the virus.  LINKCO is following these developments closely and like most of our clients and candidates working remotely.  

LINKCO works with you to ensure your short term and long term success in these uncertain times. As an Executive Search firm, we help clients and candidates navigate the tangible and intangible roadblocks to your growth, saving you time and money.  We draw on proprietary methods to capture active and passive candidates, vet and prescreen highly qualified candidates, and dig deep to well understand our clients’ requirements.